Ok, I made that up but read on

A surprising amount of our confidence is tied to the whiteness of our teeth. Whether we’re going out on a date or posing for selfies, having a smile that you’re unafraid to show off is an irreplaceable feeling.

Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t feel that great about letting our teeth loose in a big grin. From stainsand buildup, to the dullness that comes naturally with aging, it feels as though our smile could always be a bit brighter.

Help is here!!

We’ve reached a point where being shy of our smile is optional.

Here’s some cool ideas why whitening could be for you.

  1. Want to look younger?

It’s just a fact of life, that aging causes many negative changes to the body. Arrrgh. One of those changes is the dulling and colour of our teeth. There are some steps that can be taken and whitening methods that can be used to reverse this.

As we age, our enamel thins, which reduces the sheen of younger teeth. Our teeth also suffer from stains, and buildup that has developed over the years. The added effect of these aging processes is less-white looking teeth.

  1. Special event coming up?

There are certain moments in our life where you not only want to look your best, you want to feel your best!  Having a bright white smile is undeniably linked to both; having your teeth whitened before those special moments ensures they reach their full potential.

Teeth whitening can help inspire the confidence you need to perform up to your standards and have the smashing good looks to make a positive impression when it matters most. We want to look our absolute best for our wedding day, right? Going out on a date, right?

  1. Want to make a positive Impression?

We don’t get a second chance to create a first impression! From job interviews to first dates, we want our first impression to be our best impression! The impression we make today can influence the life we can have in the future, so let’s make sure your smile is ready!

  1. Want to undo the past?

Sometimes we not have taken maybe the best care of our teeth in the past.While teeth whitening can’t undo structural damage to your teeth { we can help with that too], it can help undo superficial issues like staining and dulling over time, making us feel a little more youthful!

  1. Do it for you!!!

Having white teeth and the confidence that comes with them can make us feel better about ourself. Maybe it’s the freedom to laugh out loud with your friends. Maybe it’s the ability to smile in family pictures again. Maybe it’s the confidence to put yourself right back out there. No matter what your reason is, it should be about having the freedom to be yourself. If having whiter teeth unlocks that for you, nothing else should matter.

Lead on fellow whiteners!