Teeth whitening is a dental treatment which lightens your teeth by removing stains and discoloration. It is the most popular cosmetic procedure undertaken today and can provide amazing results.

Ok so let’s look at the 7 must know facts about at home teeth whitening.

  1. Teeth whitening will not damage your teeth

Teeth whitening is very safe to do and will not cause any damage to our teeth. The oxygen bubbles from the whitening gel penetrates the pores of the teeth and remove the internal and external stains in and on our teeth. Our teeth naturally re-mineralize and rehydrate after each whitening procedure.

  1. Stains on teeth will not be removed overnight

There is no at home teeth whitening product that can whiten in a few minutes or a day. The active ingredients in teeth whitening gel need time to penetrate the teeth and begin the bleaching process. This can start in as few as seven days, with the complete treatment taking usually fourteen to twenty one days.

People with very bad staining must be patient throughout the process. Once the stains have been removed, it is then easy to maintain.

  1. You should use teeth whitening products before bed

Immediately after teeth whitening, your teeth are at higher risk of restaining since the teeth pores are wider and allow easier penetration of substance. So often the best time to whiten our teeth is before bed or overnight since it reduces the opportunity for staining, and provides the night for the teeth to rehydrate and remineralize. Definitely avoid any highly staining food or drinks like red wine or curries or smoking while you’re whitening.

  1. Crowns and veneers cannot be whitened

When we fit crowns or veneers, they are chosen to match the existing color of the surrounding teeth. Teeth whitening won’t change the color of crowns and veneers.

  1. Tooth sensitivity after teeth whitening is normal

More than 60% of the population have naturally sensitive teeth which is usually related to genetics, having thin enamel, or cracked and damaged teeth. During the teeth whitening process, it is normal for some sensitivity to occur, due to the teeth becoming temporarily dehydrated, reducing their ability to insulate the nerve from temperature changes. Any sensitivity will however totally disappear 12-36 hours after completing teeth whitening program.

  1. Not everyone’s teeth can achieve a perfect white

The natural color of an individuals’ teeth is determined by genetics at birth.  Tooth whitening removes stains that have accumulated over time and bleach the dentine which sits behind the enamel. Teeth that have a yellowish look whiten really well, brown teeth a little less well and take a little longer. Teeth which are greyish in colour will require a long-extended whitening treatment time.

  1. Teeth are like sponges

Teeth have pores and absorb just like a sponge. Everything that goes in to your mouth that has color will absorb into these pores, such as wine, coffee, soft drinks and cigarettes are very active in staining teeth. Gradually, the natural shade of your teeth become darker due to the teeth absorbing these as stains.

Tooth whitening can remove all these stains!

Happy whitening fellow whiteners!!