I get asked a lot  “What are the best ways to look after your teeth?”

So here’s my 5 top tips to keep your mouth tip top, some real hands on Govan dental care!

Watch what you eat

“Sometimes it is good to give your teeth a break from the foods that are most likely to stain them. Try to spend a week without having any coffee, cigarettes, red wine, cola or gravy. The simple rule is that if it is dark before you eat it then it is more likely to stain your teeth so cut back on the worst culprits and see what a big difference it will make.”

Try a new toothbrush

“Your teeth are designed to last a lifetime but your toothbrush isn’t. Change your toothbrush (or the head of your electric toothbrush) once every three to four months or you are simply transferring bacteria into your mouth while brushing. Some people like to change their brush after they have been ill.”

Clean your tongue as well as your teeth

“A tongue scraper is a great way to fight bad breath and make sure that there is no hiding place for germs and bacteria. Brushing your tongue with your toothbrush can also help but a tongue scraper does a much better job.”

Eat foods that clean your teeth

“As well as avoiding food that stains your teeth there are certain foods that improve your dental hygiene. We all know that apples are great for your teeth but so are raw carrots and celery. Popcorn is another natural toothbrush so next time you watch a film, you can clean your teeth at the same time!”

Brush and floss morning and night

“This is the most important one. The bacteria in your mouth works most efficiently while you sleep so it is best to clean it all away before you go to bed. Overnight a film of plaque will develop so a good brush in the morning is key to having a healthy mouth and teeth all day.”

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Dr. Russell Smith